Home Cinema Products & Services :

As home cinema systems are becoming ever more popular and product technology advances, the range of solutions has become increasingly vaster and in some instances, confusing to customers.

Because we are not tied to any one manufacturer, we are free to design, specify and install a solution that complements your home and fulfils all your requirements.

CPD offer impartial advice on an extensive range of products ensuring you get the very best quality solution. We integrate Amplifiers and Processors to provide surround sound, with a variety of configurations such as 5.1ch, 7.1ch, 9.4ch and the new Atmos System with full 3D Surround 7.2.4ch, through either surface mounted speakers or a full in-ceiling and or in-wall speakers.

Home Cinema Location :

Home cinema’s can be installed in most area’s of the home such as living rooms or a professionally installed home cinema solution can add a real ‘wow’ factor to your home as well as offering hours of entertainment for the whole family.


Home Cinema Remote Control Systems :

Nothing is more frustrating than having a plethora of remote controls in a living room. A separate remote to control the Amplifier, Projector, Satellite receiver and other devices often leads to spoiling the enjoyment of such an investment. To combat this, we can integrate a range of intelligent learning remote controls which operate wirelessly, so no more pointing the remote towards the direction of your screen and equipment! These programmable remotes will take over all the commands of the individual remotes, so with just one remote and from the comfort of your chair, you can control all your cinema room devices.

Bespoke Home Cinema Furniture :

To complete the home cinema experience, we can provide either ourselves or through one of our highly skilled partners, furnishings such as bespoke cinema seating and electric curtains and blinds.